Avoid Foods That Increase Appetite

Feeling hungry during a fat lost diet is general feeling for many dieters, and actually it is one of the reasons why lot of them might be quitting early. If you are must snack because of your hunger pangs you could ruin all positive things, even if you don’t fall in other aspects of your diet.

There are a number of different foods which could affect your levels of appetite, and knowing at least some of such foods will help you to avoid using them. Sticking to your diet will probably be much easier when you do steer clear of them. So you know exactly what food you should not eat, and following are the foods that will increase hunger.

White Rice

White rice is made by eliminating the outer shells from brown rice. Outer shells are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This layer is what allows your body to slowly convert it into sugar. When food companies refine the rice, they remove shells and when you eat white rice, your body converts it into sugar fast.

foods that increase appetiteAfter you’ve eaten white rice you will become hungry, it’s because of a huge increase in levels of your blood glucose. When your blood glucose is increased, insulin is released, the disadvantage to this a lessening of sugar in your blood.

Our brain is designed to inform us to consume more food when we have low sugar levels.

Sugary Cereals

Sugary cereals can increase hunger levels in a similar way as white rice. Without reading the cereal label you could be consuming a high quantity of sugar, even if it does say that it’s low in fat. For complete hunger control from your breakfast, select only those cereals that do not have added sugar such as bran cereal or oatmeal. That way you will prevent your hunger pangs and it will be much easier for you to finish your diet plan.

Snack Bars

In regards to hunger, snack bars can be very problematic. The big issue here is that these will tend to be very low in total protein and rich in fats, so there are no nutrients to compensate for the carbs you eat with them. The result of this is a boost to your blood sugar, which will then cause you to have very depleted energy levels. Many people will continue to snack throughout the day because they are continuing to snack out to try to enhance their energy. Obviously, when you eat more you take in more calories, so it would be much harder for you to achieve your weight loss goals.


It is essential to avoid candies as it may be worse than eating all previously mentioned foods. Candies are nothing than 100% sugar without any fat which means it can provide a much quicker increase in blood sugar levels. A very common misconception is that candies can fill you up; it will be able to make you hungrier which will make it harder for you to follow your diet. Take for instance a chocolate; if you eating you will later experience even more cravings for sweets.

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The foods above are main foods that must be avoided if you are looking to regulate your appetite levels, doing this will increase the possibility to complete your weight loss goals. If you want to get rid of excess pounds and not feel hungry, always start your day with foods that will not increase your appetite.

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